About me…

I was born in the enchanting Rhineland, but I found my true home in the beautiful and historic Hanseatic city of Lübeck in 1980. By profession, I am immersed in a world of numbers, data and facts. But a decade ago, the need for creativity led me to design my own “world of colour”. As an artist, nothing excites me more than transforming a blank canvas into a living spectacle of ideas and colours. I have a passion for the palette knife technique and favour warm, vibrant tones. My aim is to take each of my works on a journey of the imagination, giving the viewer the freedom to interpret each motif in their own way without being hindered by a predetermined title.

Alongside painting, it is photography that captures my heart. There is something very special about freezing extraordinary and moving moments through my lens. The countless facets of nature offer endless inspiration. Some of my photographs are in striking black and white and focus on the essentials, while others delve into the fascinating world of macro photography and show intricate details to the point of abstraction.

Let yourself be inspired!

Kind regards

Doro Berg